Day one – Abstract!

Day 1 – Abstract…………….posted on day 2 ????. Shot taken of Shute Harbour at 10pm. Cranked up the ISO and shutter speed with just the right amount of camera shake………….:0) Might take a while to get the hang of this blogging stuff but l will give it  a go!


219 -Patriotic!

Friday Erin Robinson

Meet “Friday” – This gorgeous little girl belongs to my girlfriend. As you may know we Aussies celebrated Australia Day on the 26/1/11. “Friday was our little pin up girl :0)

  One day to go before “NZ” You may not see much of me until my return but l promise to share my holiday with you all when l get back with lots and lots of shots for the photo challenge! Stay well and happy Guys, and keep your photos coming!

255 – Seaside!

Feel the serenity...........

The fisherman’s reflection in the water caught my eye for this shot taken at dusk.

121 -Fruit!


Well, in two days we fly out for a well deserved holiday- destination “NZ”  One of my last minute chores was to cut up a box of mangoes to freeze for the winter so l thought l would share…………… yourselves!!!!!!!

106 – Five!

One, Two, Three, Four ,Five little Jackshitzu’s

These puppies are just 5 days old. Mum is a shitzu and Dad is a Jack Russell. Arn’t they the most beautiful babies? They belong to a good friend of mine and l will be sure to get lots of shots as they grow and post them for you all to see :0)

223 Playful

Every one…………..I would like you to meet our Alexandrienne Parot -Trevor! He is always up for a game of ping pong and is very playful, smart and funny. The game is played by setting ping pong balls on the top of his cage and he bats at them with his beak until they hit the edge and fly off he then  says ping pong ping pong yum yum – Trever is a rat bag, sqark sqark squark!!



Imagine this, sitting in front of a roaring fire having a quiet drink with the one you love………

235 – Red!

My two red hens.